Let us lead you down the path to efficiency


As information management specialists, we are the first call for clients facing a complex information management problem and who want to find the best possible way forward. Our professional expertise, knowledge of the sector and efficient, proven methods allow us to tailor goal-oriented solutions to each individual client's needs.


Key Points

  • Analysis of client's needs and solution design
  • Process modeling and organization description
  • Sourcing strategies
  • Product and service evaluation
  • Project management and support
  • Change management

Providing you with increased legal certainty


We help our clients to design their information processes and systems with a maximum level of legal certainty. We are well acquainted with the range of legal and regulatory requirements that our clients need to fulfill, and we always know what to do when there are sudden or significant changes to the law.


Key Points

  • Storage and archiving guidelines
  • Records management concepts
  • Privacy and data protection concepts
  • Preparing and providing support during audits
  • Compliance checks in accordance with the Swiss Accounting Regulation (GeBüV) and other regulations

Implementing solutions for you


We roll up our sleeves to assist our clients when it comes to implementation. Whether they are installing a new information management system from scratch for integration into a complex system environment, or whether the project is the expansion, re-networking or migration of an existing system to an upgraded platform, we support our clients throughout this all-important stage, providing advice as well as practical assistance.


Key points

  • Installation of IM systems
  • Customization and development of IM solutions
  • Integration of IM solutions into existing system environments
  • Migration of IM systems
  • Implementation planning and support

Always by your side


Even in their day-to-day operations, we are always at our clients' side. Our professional support organization carries out the operative management of your information system, ensuring its absolute functionality in the long term. We are a certified IBM FileNet product Support Provider.


Key Points

  • System monitoring and analysis
  • First to third level support
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Business continuity management