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IBM Premier Business Partner

Through the large number of projects successfully carried out for customers, inacta has developed comprehensive knowledge of the wide range of applications based on IBM FileNet, allowing us to unlock the platform's full potential. inacta maintains a strategic partnership with IBM. When designing and implementing IM solutions, inacta focuses on IBM FileNet, the most effective and advanced ECM platform on the market.

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inacta was the first European FileNet Software ValueNet II Partner to meet the qualification and certification criteria and is a support provider for IBM ECM products.


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Document viewing and converting

levigo systems

levigo solutions is specialized in document management solutions. The jadice document platform, developed by levigo, is a highly-flexible Java-based document processing and conversion solution.

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The completely Java-based, platform-independent document viewer "jadice viewer" is the core piece of the jadice document platform. It can be integrated into other applications or used as a fully-functional document editing viewer. jadice viewer supports users in viewing and editing virtually-compiled documents, offers a range of annotation options while maintaining the original document, and can be used to view all common document file formats.

The jadice server is used to edit and convert large data volumes with heterogeneous documents. Its modular concept means that third-party applications can be easily integrated as plugins.


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Corporate output management

kühn & weyh

kühn & weyh develops and distributes the M/ product series of efficient business document generation and editing software (output management). The current product generation (generation 6) has been completely newly developed on the basis of cutting-edge technology such as Java EE with standard middleware for scaling and failure safeguarding. The M/ series provides a comprehensive, company-wide solution which covers the entire document process, organizing and managing everything from data collection through to central output management, whether online, in batch or background processing.

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Corporate input management

AnyDoc Software

AnyDoc Software is a leading supplier of automated data and document scanning technology. AnyDoc's products and solutions allow companies to quickly and efficiently digitalize paper documents and to extract the relevant information that is required for subsequent processes. AnyDoc also offers specialized automated recognition and scanning solutions, in particular for the insurance and health care industry, e.g. for the recognition of payment vouchers and complex forms.

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It works.

swiss made software

The "swiss made software" label is dedicated to promoting the Swiss software sector both in Switzerland and abroad. It is associated with Swiss values such as quality, reliability and precision – in particular in software development.

This fact is also confirmed by the presence of numerous international companies. Additionally companies like Google and IBM operate local research and development centers.


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