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    Customer-oriented service provider mentality


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    Future & goal-oriented approach


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    Leading expertise


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    High flexibility


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    Swissness you can trust


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    Your one-stop shop



Blockchain Competition 2017

inacta is one of the initiators of the Blockchain Competition which 2017 theme is #blockchain4insurance. inacta thus plays a pioneering role exploring new technologies and searches, together with selected partners from the insurance industry and opinion leaders and organizations from the blockchain ecosystem, the most promising startups whose solutions are applicable for the insurance industry.

Therefore, inacta counts on the growing strength of the local blockchain-movement and, being itself a member, involves the partners from the Crypto-Valley-Initiative.

For further information please visit http://www.blockchaincompetition.ch and follow us on twitter @blockchain_comp.

Blockchain competition 2017 en

Leading the way in information management

Information management the Swiss way - confidentiality is our bread and butter

We live in a world of information. Information is the basis for every decision and all commercial dealings. Without reliable, ready access to the information that they require, businesses, divisions and employees are simply unable to perform their duties.


Today, dealing with information has become a highly complex task, with growing, constantly changing requirements. This makes targeted navigation through information and information management processes increasingly important, but also increasingly difficult. inacta acts as a guide through this world of information, helping to lead companies towards the best solutions, supporting them every step along the way. At the most critical points along the way, inacta's experience, knowledge and methods guarantee that the client's goals will be achieved as planned. We are always close by, always alert and thinking one step ahead to ensure that we are able to react to unexpected events in the best possible way.


Understanding how our systems and processes work

Discipline in enterprise information management

Inacta enterprise information management model en

Input management

Input management involves the analysis and processing of incoming information from various channels.

  • Receipt of unstructured and structured information
  • Extraction and validation of relevant information
  • Conversion into internal formats for further processing, or into standard formats for long-term archiving
  • Identification and allocation of information for ongoing processing in company processes

Dossiers & workflow

Documents from various sources are sorted by topic and collated into target group-oriented folders. Workflows assign the documents to the correct processes.

  • Identification of information in the relevant business context
  • Displaying documents in structures such as virtual dossiers, dynamic folders and directories, as well as displaying the relevant content
  • Analysis of the data inventory as well as user behaviour and relevant process information

Storage & archiving

Documents which are not (yet) suitable for archiving are temporarily saved (storage) until they are filed for long-term storage (archiving) on read-only storage media.

  • Securing compliance with internal guidelines and legal requirements regarding manner and duration of archiving (compliance)

Output management

Output management involves the preparation and recipient-oriented distribution of information via various channels.

  • Selection and consolidation of information pertaining to a specific business context
  • Converting the information to channel specific format
  • Transmission via suitable channels, taking security and regulatory requirements into account



Success story - dossier & workflow

Electronic dossier and workflows for the board of a large insurance company

The challenge

Our client, a large insurance provider had almost finished implementing a comprehensive electronic inbox and mailroom project.

The challenge was to adapt other processes in addition to the inbox and to integrate them into the electronic file management system. In order to achieve this, the "electronic recrods and process management" project was launched. One of the pilot projects in this context was related to the electronic dossier for board meetings.

The goal of the project was to transition the company's records and process management to electronic administration, in addition to providing them with an electronic "meeting dossier".


mailQ E-Mail Management

mail Q E-Mail Management is the intelligent extension for Microsoft Outlook®. Business-relevant and process-related emails can be distributed and archived by the users – easily and fast.

mailQ E-Mail Management

mailQ Digital Mailroom

mailQ Postkorb is the efficient solution for your digital mailroom. Digital documents can be made available to various recipients within the company quickly and with ease.

mailQ Postkorb

Electronic Dossier

iDossier provides efficient methods of linking documents to various types of information. Document and case management can efficiently be supported through concise presentation and structure.

Electronic Dossier